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Visions and Values

Visions and Values

Our aim at Kirby Primary Academy is to ensure that all children and staff who attend are able to work and learn in a safe, secure and happy environment. It is our intention that every member of the school community should have the best possible opportunity to enable them to develop the skills and attitudes, which they will need for the rest of their lives.

Our ethos is based on 8 Life Values that have been selected and generated by the school community of our children, staff, governors and parents.

Our 8 life values are; Respect, independence, honesty, resilience, friendship, trust, confidence and empathy.

We recognise that it is important to try and provide children with an environment which is creative, stimulating, caring and supportive, and one which meets the needs of every individual. The children are encouraged to be independent and responsible, which leads to them developing self-confidence and respect for the opinions of others.

We endeavour to create a friendly and quiet working atmosphere which will enable us all to thrive. This is helped by having staff that are very dedicated and committed in their role to not only achieving high standards of education and respect, but also in providing a rich and varied curriculum.

We expect children to be polite, well-mannered and to have respect for themselves, as well as all members of the school community. We believe that in order for children to achieve their best, there needs to be positive and close co-operation between home, school and the local community.